Warranty & Repairs

If you would like to repair or replace your J-Scale product, please click the button below to file a warranty claim on HBITech.com.

Submit Warranty Claim

This button will lead you to HBItech.com – a trusted partner of J-Scale.

J-Scale repairs and warranty claims are now serviced by HBI Technologies!

J-Scale is excited to announce that HBITech.com will now be providing advanced support to J-Scale users!  Known for providing exceptional customer service for the world’s best scale brands, HBI Technologies has a large collection of technical resources for J-Scale users to use anytime.

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Warranty Shipping Information

For more information on shipping your scale to HBI Technologies for a warranty claim, please read
Help Article: Sending Your Scale For Repair or Replacement.

Before shipping your scale for repair or replacement, you must either complete a Warranty Claim on HBITech.com or fill-out & include the original warranty card that came with your scale.  If you do not provide the necessary information to complete your warranty claim, HBI Technologies will be unable to repair or replace your scale.


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